Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Want to Own, Not Mow

If you want to own your own place, but not have to deal with all the maintenance of homeownership, a condominium may be right for you.

What is a condo? A condo is a form of home ownership where individual units are owned, not rented. You will own everything from your walls inward. Each unit owner has a shared right to all the common areas, such as pools, clubhouses, gazebos, and grounds. The maintenance of each common area is the responsibility of the condo association, so no more shoveling snow or mowing lawns for you.

Buying a condo is an excellent choice for those who have busy lifestyles, those looking for more affordable home ownership, those who cannot perform home maintenance duties on their own, or those who do not wish to perform home maintenance duties on their own.

A condo may be the right choice for you if:

1. You hate weeding, painting, and mowing the lawn.
2. You are looking to invest in homeownership and enjoy the company of neighbors.
3. You travel frequently.
4. You want amenities with your home purchase, but cannot afford them.
5. You want to live in a convenient location close to employment and shopping.
6. You are seeking an affordable home ownership option.
7. You enjoy the safety of a close community.
8. Your physical condition limits your ability to perform snow shoveling and other yard work.

Although condo ownership may not be right for everyone, it is an affordable choice with many benefits to compliment your lifestyle. Check out my Greendale, Wisconsin Condo Listing.

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