Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Preparing Your Home to Sell

Home Exterior

The outside of your home is the first thing a buyer will notice. Curb appeal is essential.

• Keep the lawn mowed and shrubs trimmed.
• Removing dead tree limbs and other yard debris.
• Plant fresh shrubs or flowers.
• Hide lawn equipment from the outdoors and arrange patio furniture, etc. neatly.
• Wash and touch up and siding, trim, or doors that are dirty or have paint peeling. It is especially important that your front door looks fantastic.
• Repair and/or paint your fence, if needed.
• Repair and/or replace any loose shingles or flashing on your roof.
• Clean your windows and screens. Repair any broken windows or screens.
• Clean out your downspouts and gutters.
• Keep your driveway and sidewalks clean and free of dirt.
• Make sure your shed and garage are neatly organized.
• Making sure all light fixtures, doorbell, garage door opener and other electrics work.
• Stain your deck, if needed.
• Pull any weeds in flowerbeds, sidewalk cracks, and driveway.

Home Interior

• Make every room look as open and sunlit as possible.
• Wash walls, ceiling and trim.
• Repair any loose trim around doorways and floors.
• Make sure all doorknobs are tight as well as cabinet pulls.
• Paint anywhere needed, keeping colors light and warm.
• Repair any cracks or holes in walls and paint.
• Fix any doors and windows that do not work properly.
• Clean caulk around tubs and sinks. Make any repairs that are needed.
• Fix any leaky faucets and clean off any rust stains or calcium deposits.
• Neatly organize your attic and basement.
• Neatly organize closets so they seem spacious.
• Remove clutter from your kitchen countertops enhancing counter space.
• Clean your blinds and curtains so they are clean and bright.
• Shampoo any carpets that are dirty and have stains.
• Make sure all lights work and replace any light bulbs that are needed.
• Clean laundry vent traps.
• Keep the home at a comfortable temperature during any season.

Apply these cost effective solutions and you will receive a better return on your investment.

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